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Bring clean drinking water to Kitolo Village

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In Kitotolo village, Mityana district, children miss an average of six days of school each month. St. Andrew’s Primary School-Kitotolo is the main education center in the village. Children miss school for various reasons, but largely because of the water problem in the community. Thirteen-year-old Kasirye Jovan lives in Kitotolo village with his mother, Namubiru Sarah, and father, Muwanga Ronald. He has 4 siblings.

“I want to study hard and become a doctor so that I can save my family and others in my village,” Jovan said. “But... I am worried that my parents may not be able to raise the money.”

Every day, Jovan makes six trips to a nearby modern well to get water. The well is extremely crowded because it is the only source of safe water in the area. People walk from the neighboring villages of Namudali and Kittoto to fetch water from the well. Some residents resorted to ponds in the valley but they often contract waterborne illnesses from drinking the pond water, and leading to much of their little income spent towards medication. Sarah tries to grow food like onions and tomatoes for sale, in her backyard garden, but only during the rainy season. “We tried brick making to improve our family’s well-being but realized that getting water for this project was extremely difficult,” Jovan said.

Jovan still hopes and prays that he will be able to finish his education and go on to become a doctor for his community. He goes to St. Andrew’s Kitotolo Church of Uganda, of Anglican Denomination for Prayers. He believes access to sufficient clean water means health and freedom from waterborne illnesses for this community. A gift of clean water will bring safety for the future of children like Jovan in Kitotolo village. It will give hope and opportunity to those in need.