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Join us in the life-saving work of Wells of Life! image

Join us in the life-saving work of Wells of Life!


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Please help us save lives through the gift of clean water for communities in need! You can do this by making a donation in support of our Team H2O, which stands for Heffron-Heffron-and-Others. Be one of the compassionate Others!

We believe that clean drinking water is a basic human right for all people. But in the world today, many thousands of children and adults are dying each year from the lack of access to clean water. Did you know that every 21 seconds a child dies due to lack of access to clean water? This is unacceptable!

Without a well in their community, women and children must spend their days walking miles and lugging home heavy loads of dirty contaminated pond water for their drinking, cooking, and washing. 20% of children don’t live to the age of 5 due to water-borne diseases. And many girls are denied the opportunity to get a consistent education. But a clean water well transforms the entire community, saving lives and offering opportunity, education and empowerment. YOU can help give the gift of life and hope to thousands of people!

Your donations and prayers for our efforts are all greatly appreciated!