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Sam Smith Coaching Clients Pay For a Well

Choose any monthly donation amount to help fund a well in Uganda


$100 towards $4,000

"Do hard things, with people you love, for a cause greater than yourself"

That has been the mantra of the Water Warrior Foundation where have been using fitness challenges and goals to raise money for the water crisis since 2021. We are honored to have partnered with Wells of Life to become our official installer of wells in Uganda. Wells of Life does an amazing job, and every cent that we raise goes directly towards digging a new well or restoring a broken well.

I would coach all of my clients for free, so donating is not necessary. With that said, if you want to join me and make a huge impact on the lives of those without water in Uganda, you can donate whatever amount you see fit and once we fund our first well, I'll be ecstatic to share the photos and stories of the lives we have changed together!

With lots of love,