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AFRIpads: Empowering Girls & Education

Girls miss an average of 3 days of school every 3.5 weeks due to menstrual cycles.

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Wells of Life is excited to announce that we are partnering with AFRIpads, a Ugandan-based social enterprise, that provides sustainable menstrual kits to girls in rural areas.

Each kit will include:

- 6 Sustainable Menstrual Pads

- 2 Panties

- Bar of Soap

- Kit Bag (for discreet and safe keeping)

- Directions for Use

- Cleaning Instructions

Along with providing female students with Menstrual Kits, Wells of Life will also host an education session with male students to help reduce bullying girls about their natural cycle. We are excited to be able to provide girls with the same quality of education as boys.

AFRIpads are reusable sanitary pads designed to provide superior hygiene protection and comfort for women and girls. AFRIpads are made from already used textiles that provide effective protection for 12+ months, making them a cost-effective and eco- friendly solution. The products are produced by women in Uganda, and AFRIpads hereby ensures training, good working conditions and wages for the women who produce the products. This works in tandem with Wells of Life's mission for clean water, allowing mothers who were previously spending hours gathering water, an opportunity to earn an income and learn a trade.

Along with our mission to provide clean water, our goal is to remove people from generational poverty, which means getting girls what they need to succeed in school and everyday life.