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Bob Harrigan's Fundraiser

Bob's 70th birthday fundraiser to build wells for water in Uganda. image

Bob's 70th birthday fundraiser to build wells for water in Uganda.

Build school wells to help children access education


$485 towards $6,000

For my birthday this year, I'm asking for donations to Wells of Life. I've chosen this nonprofit because their mission to provide desperately needed clean water to villages and schools means a lot to me. I am impressed with their founder, a faith-driven Irish fellow and their track record: since 2009, Wells of Life has raised donations to install over 500 wells in rural Uganda providing access to clean water for over 600,000 people. I would like to add a well for the next community that desperately needs it. These folks often must walk great distances just to collect filthy water from standing ponds shared by animals. As one well funder said, “I wouldn’t wash my car with the water they have to drink.”

I hope you'll consider contributing to Bob’s 70th Birthday Fundraiser as a way to celebrate life with me. As soon as I reach my goal of raising $6,000, a new well will be installed. Your donation will help people who share our great planet earth, relieving their desperation with a simple solution that brings clean water to quench their thirsty souls.

I appreciate your consideration. Every little bit will help me reach my goal.