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Clean Water is A Basic Human Right

Join me in honoring the life of Sister Alicia, please give today.


$12,352 towards $12,000

With the global challenges of Covid, the people of rural Uganda need us now more than ever!

As a tribute to her time on Earth serving the Lord, we would like to honor Sister Alicia with a Memorial Well. This well will deliver life-saving water to a village of over 1000 men, women, and children for years to come.

We have been called upon to share our blessings and care for our neighbors. Now more than ever, clean water is a human necessity that saves lives! Let's find it in our hearts to give and provide the rural villages of Uganda the live saving water that is in such great need. When we hit our goal, we will provide over 1000 people the access to clean water for 20+ years! Not only that, it provides the opportunity for children to receive an education, the opportunity for women to work and provide for their families, and provide the entire community an opportunity to live in a sustainable and healthy home.